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Save money, protect your health and the environment with LUMENMAX!

LUMENMAX LED light sources were design to replace regular incandescent and discharge lamps. Light produced by SMD, COB and Hi- Power electroluminescent LED diodes installed in our products is safe and harmless: the diodes do not contain mercury and do not emit any (or emit minute amount) of UV and IR radiation. They are highly resistant to voltage drops and surge current, they are more resistant to mechanical shock and emit minute amounts of heat ensuring higher fire safety level in comparison with ordinary lamps.


The lifespan of LUMENMAX light sources amounts to 50.000 hours and is not shortened by frequent switching on and off, they do not need time to warm up and perform perfectly in very low ambient temperatures. Thanks to using high quantum efficiency LED diodes, the luminous efficiency of LUMENMAX light sources allows even nine times larger electric energy saving compared to incandescent light sources and twice as large as in the case of discharge lamps.


*"Specialists warn that energy saving compact bulbs may cause migraines. Dr Sarkany, a photodermatologist at St John's Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas' Hospital, in London, said he has treated patients for rashes caused by exposure to low-energy lamps. Some suffer from lupus and show an adverse reaction to fluorescent lights. Also other specialists say that the lighting pressed by the EU is problematic due to large amounts of emitted UV radiation. It is this radiation that make people with skin diseases suffer."

*source: Daily Mail




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